Virtual word-comment from the end-users;

Fry food server shop A

a huge saving of oil,i,e, much less-waste
We have changed the deep-fry gear from the traditional unit to this ECO-FRYER and experienced
★fine beautiful finish to assure good taste.
★no oil-splash everfozen stuffs untreated in advance, also less noise.
★as oil-impurities dsop down automatically,frying-oil keep effective and clear.
★less chance of oil change compared with the traditional fryer.
★we appreciate a big saving in oil cost as well as worker hour.

Tavern owner B

highly appreciate no oil-soot, also faster frying we have been operating tavern at the Basement floor of town building and have to clean ventirators periodically due to oil-stacrs, ECO-FRYER did solve this trouble, also works frying-job very quickly, serving more customerson busy Friday night.

Boxed lunch vender C

Fried foods are imperative in box-lunch assortment setting.
To serve more, we started ECO-FRYER operation and are very happy to hear wanderful comments on our ever better taste with great applause from every customer.

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